Sunday, June 7, 2009

2012 Question 1

Question 1:


  1. I'm lookng excited about this blog and can't wait until you get started. I'm so curious about 2012. I have my own concepts, but I'm anxious to read your commentary!

  2. Fascinating discussion on Coast tonight (today for me in Tokyo).

    Look forward to discussions on publishing as well.



  3. I read all of G Von Daniken's books as a teenager so this is fascinating subject for me.
    Looking forward to more discussion/information.
    Jane A from UK

  4. I caught the tail end of the live coasttocoastam segment but will download it tomorrow on streamlink. I am very excited about your new blog, Robert! I would also be interested in your advice about writing and publishing.

  5. Caught just a bit of your interview on C2Cam tonight, but I thought you made an observation to the effect that "everything we know about morality" has come from the Old or New Testament. Did I misunderstand you?

    Surely, you must be aware that the historical Buddha, Sakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama) in his earliest sermons taught the Eightfold Path as the way to salvation. This method expounds the virtues of right thought, right speech, and right action among others. He also taught the inherent dignity of human life, non-violence, and compassion through his own words and behavior as a human being. He also urged his followers to practice an eastern version of the golden rule, i.e., "Do not unto others, what you would not they do unto you." These all would seem to be a foundation for morality, would they not?

    Later on his followers developed literally hundred of precepts governing behavior including strictures against stealing, lying, killing, etc.

    Would these not be a basis for morality?

    Please explain your reasoning for asserting that "everything we know about morality" has come from Biblical sources.

  6. namaste. awesome show on 2012 on c2c. I never tire of more info on 2012. I so look forward to the future. blessed be to all, 1111sweetprincess

  7. The good or bad news, depending on your point of view, is that the Old Testament preceded Mr. Gautama's sermons by more than 1000 years. In addition, the 'Buddhist Golden Rule' does not require or propose that one assertively engage with others with a desire to do good - or to help others. It merely proposes that a person 'do no harm' to another. This proposition in no way assumes the former action.
    Finally, the New Testament precept directed by Jesus of Nazareth to all of his followers was 'Love ye one another as I have love you'. In his detailed exposition of this comment, Jesus goes far beyond even the Golden Rule, and is found in no other religious teaching.

  8. In responnse to the question of continuity between the Bible and The Myan calendar, I see manyparts and pieces that intertwine. It seems to me that if we look at all of the available data from Central American, the Midddle Eastern, and the Far Eastern cultures and lets not forget the American Indian Stories, we can put togehther a an abundance of information which, if taken only in isolation would be interesting, but not convincing as it is when it is all woven in concert with one another.
    I have been digesting most of the Coast to Coast shows for over year, and compared the guest speakers to one another and found they are all Correct in part.
    I look to the Judaeo Christian Bible as the center piece or hub for continuity and I believe it is the cornerstone which makes all of the other parts come together.
    I do not dismiss any scientific data. I preferr to question what I think has been a knee jerk conclusion that, because of Religeous Dogma, has been forced into a trench and like a pitbull dog, WILL NOT back down.

    I understand that in all of the most ancient Hebrew manuscripts, the 1st and 2nd verses of Genesis are seperated.

    What intrigues me is the part about how God created the heavens and the earth. What doesn't make sense to me is God creating something formless and void! Then in 6 days everything we see is as we see it now? NO!

    Something is or has been left out. Until we had carbon dating (new information) we didn't know that we needed to look closer.

    I think there is too much symetry to the universe to be the result of a random explosion and to then for chaos to become order apart from a designer.

    It would seem to me that there must be a designer to keep order but the universe is far too old for the information of the Bible to make complete senseeither. Ancient Budist and Hindu writings give us further information as weel as the Myans, and the precesessors of the Egyptians.

    Then we must account for all of the Giants found across the globe and how this might explain the Greek gods that have been rendedred to being a myth. I think not a myth at all.

    We may wake up one day to find the earth to be trillions of years old, having been created, having been occupied by eternal beings for many millenia probably concurrently with our neighboring planets prior to a galactic war which resulted in the formless and void cinder calle Earth which the Spirit of the Lord hovered over in Genesis 1.

    There is far more going on than any one of the infinite religeous or scientific dogmas can explain on solo.

    I must apologize for the length of my comment. Believe it or not this is the micro version of my thoughts.


  9. I think its wonderful thats your are starting your blog and website. Its important for people to learn about whats going on in the world, at least learn from the past.. and present and have someone help connect the dots for people like me.

    Can't wait to see this grow!

  10. I have always believed that there is a central myth that is surrounding all the apocalypic myths that are inherent in various cultures. Consequently, there is one central universal, or, if you prefer, cosmic myth upon which and around which all others are formed.

    Bob has created a question that is going to take some thought to unravel, but it is not impossible.

    But I also believe that the Chaos Theory may also fit into this seemingly random state. That theory, in essence, suggests that man doesn't not have control over his universe and, man needing a sense of order in his universe, created an apocalyptic myth that would give the end days a numerical pattern that could be followed. Thus, the myth of Gilgamesh has as much credence as the Christian myth or the Mayan myth. So, out of Chaos, man has created his own refuge or sanctuary whereby he has order in his world.

    Theologically (or theocentric) that which man cannot understand, he creates a myth to explain. Is there a divine presence whose hand is guiding man's progress through this time and time past? Perhaps. But then how do we explain the natural phenomina (or provide a reason for it) that nearly destroyed our world in the past millenia? We cannot. But we can note occurring patterns and offer a cautious prediction by taking into account our need to have a sense of order.

    One thing I would like to point out is that there are two accounts of the creation of man in Genesis. One, the familiar one Bob has listed the other that man and woman were created simultaneously out of dust. Gen. 1:27.

    Now, let us take into account the use of the number four.

    There are four branches to the river rising out of Eden to water the earth. The first is the Pishon that winds through the land of Havilah where there is gold. Bdellium and lapis lazuli are also there. The second river is the Gihon that winds through all of Cush. The Tigris is the third and flows east of Asshur. The fourth is the Euphrates. These rivers also are assigned colors that, remarkably, reflect the colors in the Mayan myth.

    Anyway, that is something, I believe, to think upon as well. However, Bob has given us far more to think about and, that will need time to develop thought.

    Kudus, Bob

  11. Acording to Dr. Carl J. Calleman's site at:

    It must be understood, when progressing through the creation cycle to its termination point, one does not arrive at December 21, 2012, but instead, October 28, 2011. Dr. Calleman doesn't argue with the fact that the 13 Baktun Long Count calendar has a termination point on December 21, 2012, but it his contention that the long count calendar does not properly reflect the “Shifting” energies of the “creation cycles,” which featured so prominently in Mayan philosophical thought. In other words, the Long Count does not show when the “shifting energies” occur, the 9 underworlds and 13 heavens of the creation cycle do. The creation cycle comes from the dates encoded on the “Coba Stone” and is a reflection of “Sacred Time” from the beginning of the universe until now! The Mayans were not concerned with the beginning date or end-date, but they were concerned with the overall creation cycle. The Maya merely chose to begin their long count calendar on the solar zenith day, Aug. 12, 3,114 B.C., due to it being a “known” holy day with an older tradition and out of convention , even though the Long Count calendar didn't properly match up with the divine creation cycle they also utilized. The Long Count is an approximation that is within about a year of the actual creation cycle from the beginning of time until now. Consequently, Mayan scholars, by focusing on the Long Count and not the wave cycles of creation, have chosen the wrong day for the end-point for the Mayan calendar; it's not 12-21-2012, but 10-28-2011!

    What are your abot this?
    Rachel Lewis Prescott, Az

  12. Very enlightening discussion!

  13. Rachel -- my thought is that where there is smoke, there is fire -- there are so many theories from so many religions that someone is coming down soon, whether it's 2011, 2012, or a big asteroid on its way here soon thereafter, that we need to be giving serious thought about the fact we live in a fragile world and there are no promises that there will be a tomorrow. The government should get busy with studies to determine the threats we are facing because most of them can be handled, especially planet killing asteroids, which rank high in terms of their past power to kill most of the life on the planet.